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7 Days Amazing Ancient Capital & Local Culture Tour - Beijing, Taiyuan, Pingyao, Datong Tour

Tour Route:
Beijing(capital of China)→Datong(historical city)→Taiyuan(capital city of Shanxi Province)→Pingyao (famous ancient county)
Trip Highlights:
Beijing Lantern Festival

Have a happy trip for Chinese New Year in Beijing and Shanxi, where wall saved history

  • The grand celebrations of Lunar New Year will be held in Beijing.

New Year firework shows, temple fairs, lantern fairs, performances for coming new year, and various forms of celebrations are amongst the best in China.

Even the walled Hutongs, which have been home to Beijing residents for centuries, will never fail to surprise visitors for the most original atmosphere of Chinese New Year and what lies around the next corner.

  • Visit the Forbidden City, the largest museum in China, the most comprehensive museum with antiquities, an unparalleled masterpiece of architecture.
  • Touring Beijing Great Wall, which is ancient, breathtaking and serene, will give you a fairly typical China experience.
  • New Year folk celebrations, such as lion and dragon dances, decorating windows with red paper-cuts, pasting red couplets, in Pingyao and Taiyuan are extremely famous for lively traditions and historic atmosphere. Here you will feel the real full-bodied taste of the New Year.
  • Pingyao is possibly the best-preserved ancient walled city in China.

You'll come across Yamen (the ancient government offices), Rishengchang Exchange Shop (the ancient business bank in China), Qiao Family's Compound (the ancient residence for the rich) and the real town offering rare insight into various aspects of life in imperial China.

  • Yungang Grottoes in Datong enjoy great reputation across China as one of the largest clusters of grottoes in China.

You will find their strict unity of layout and design in the Grottoes, which represent the outstanding achievement of Buddhist cave art in China in the 5th and 6th centuries.

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Tour Code: NY-02
Dates: From January to March. You may decide when to start on your way and where to linger a litter longer.
Tour Customizable: Absolutely. Tell us your specific requirements in the inquiry form. Let us take care of the details in your tour. Our custom service is free.
Starts/Ends: Beijing/Pingyao
Trip Type: Culture & History Journey
Activity Level: Easy walking
Special Experience:
  • Immerse yourself in China's amazing ancient city during the New Year
  • Feel the convivial New Year Atmosphere and the interesting local culture
  • Appreciate the wonderful folk art performance at the traditional temple fair
  • Get close to the splendid Chinese ancient Buddhist art
  • Eat and learn to make the delicious dumplings
  • Receive Chinese New Year's special gifts from your tour



Day-by-day Itinerary

Price & Included Features
Day 1 Arrival Beijing
Accommodation:Jianguo Garden Hotel

Upon your arrival at Beijing airport, your tour guide will hold a welcome sign to meet you and escort you to your hotel. The rest of the day is free for you. You may either rest to recover from jetlag at hotel, or head out to this pulsing metropolis with both inherited ancient splendors and astonishing modern achievements.

Day 2 Beijing
Sites visited: Forbidden City,Hutongs,Tiananmen Square
Special Dinner: Dumpling Dinner
Accommodation:Jianguo Garden Hotel

Today you will first visit the historic Tiananmen Square, the largest city square in the world. You could come to see the national flag rising ceremony if could get up early.

Followed by is a visit to the magnificent Forbidden City, which is the largest palace structure in the world and the place where China's emperors ruled for over 600 years.

In the afternoon, you will visit Hutongs by rickshaw. Hutong means old narrow path with lots of the courtyard homes where ordinary people are living. You will see the old houses and the traditional Chinese New Year custom in Hutongs. (Click your mouse and see more Chinese New Year custom)

Oh, it is time to have lunch. Your lunch will be served in one of the local people's home during the tour. If you like, you could learn how to make dumplings, which are necessary food during Spring Festival in China. Eating dumplings during the Spring Festival is considered auspicious for fortune and wealth in the year to come. 

You may also get chance to enjoy Paper-cut and Firecracker too. Paper-cut is a famous Chinese traditional craft. It conveys people's good wish to beautiful and happy life.

Day 3 Beijing
Sites visited: Great Wall,Sacred Road
Accommodation:Jianguo Garden Hotel
Great Wall

Today you will have a visit to the majestic Great Wall (Badaling section), which is the most outstanding representation of China's Great Wall. Moreover, the surrounding scenery of the Badaling section is unbelievable impressive.

Your sightseeing will be carried on to the Sacred Road. This was the ancient pass to the Imperial Tombs of Ming Dynasty. The road lined with the stoned animals, mystical beasts and the officials who serve the emperor in his afterlife.

On the way back, you will receive a Chinese way of New Year greeting, a Red Packet (a red envelope enclosed ¥50 lucky money), a Chinese New Year Painting, and a Chinese Knot, from your lovely and considerate tour guide. These gifts symbolize fortune and wealth wishing you a good luck in the year to come. (Know more Chinese New Year decorations)

Day 4 Beijing / Datong
Transfer via: Soft Sleeper Train arranged by us - train no. K615 (14:57-20:50)
Sites visited: Temple fairs,Temple of Heaven
Special Dinner: Local snacks
Gala Event: Temple Fair Activities
Temple Fair

Today you will visit Beijing's splendid Temple of Heaven, where China's emperors annually went to pray for a good harvest. If you visit here in the early morning you could enjoy watching the locals doing their morning exercises.

If you come to Beijing during the right time, you could visit the temple fairs held during the Spring Festival. A Temple fair is a folk celebration of New Year featured by folk sings and dances, traditional acrobatic and talent shows, opera performances, snacks and nibbles, and various activities. It is a refraction of the lives of Beijing people in the past and present. (I want to know more about the Temple Fairs)

In the afternoon your tour guide will escort you to the railway station for the train to Datong. There are lots of the precious historic heritages waiting for you to visit. Upon your arrival at Datong, our local guide will meet you and escort you to your hotel.

Day 5 Datong
Transfer via: Soft Sleeper Train arranged by us – Train No.: N265 (14:25-19:44 Local Time)
Sites visited: Nine Dragon Screen,Yungang Grottoes
Special Dinner: Dumpling Dinner
Accommodation:Yuyuan Hotel
Yungang Grottoes

Today, you will be excursing an old region of China, including a visit of China's oldest and largest Nine Dragon Screen. It is near 400 years older than the one in the Forbidden City, and three times larger than that in the Beihai Park in Beijing. These are the only three Nine Dragon Screens have survived hundreds years of natural disasters and wars.

Yungang Grottoes is your second destination to visit. It is a World Heritage site, and a treasure-house of the Chinese ancient sculptures. The Yungang Grottoes has a series of 53 caves and over 51, 000 stone sculptures. It is an excellent site to appreciate the splendid Chinese ancient Buddhist art.

Having an intimate encounter with the Spring Festival, today you will be learning, making, and enjoying your own dumplings, a necessary food during Spring Festival in China. (See more Chinese New Year food at a click of the mouse) Then you will take the afternoon train to Taiyuan. Your local guide in Taiyuan will pick you up and escort you to your cozy hotel.

Day 6 Taiyuan / Pingyao
Sites visited: Jinci Temple,Pingyao,Qiao Family's Compound,Twin Pagoda Temple
Accommodation:Lizeyuan Hotel
Qiao Family's Compound

Before driving to Pingyao (2-hour drive), you will first visit the Jinci Temple, the old temple located at the foot of the Xuanweng Mountain. The ancient halls, terraces, pavilions, corridors, and bridges inside the temple are really peaceful and harmonious in arrangement. It is truly a visit-worthy place.

Twin Pagoda Temple is your next destination. It is the symbol of Taiyuan City. If you get to the top of a one of the two Pagodas, you will enjoy the panorama of the city.

You will drop a visit at the Qiao Family's Compound on your way to Pingyao. It is a perfectly preserved ancient mansion in Taiyuan. Every New Year, the whole mansion will be decorated with the auspicious red lanterns. It looks extremely beautiful and gives visitors a feeling of time travel back to its history.  (Red Lanterns are the inevitable decorations of the Lantern Festival)

You will stay overnight at the charming historical Pingyao city. It is more than 2700 years old with well preserved ancient city walls and streets, as well as its traditional custom. You will be totally overwhelmed by the traditional atmosphere of Chinese New Year in this cozy city. (Click the mouse to know more Chinese New Year traditions) Enjoy you Chinese New Year!

Day 7 Pingyao / Departure
Sites visited: Ancient City Walls ,Ming and Qing Street,Rishengchang Exchange Shop,Rishengchang Exchange Shop,Shuanglin Temple
Gala Event: Folk Art Performance
Ming and Qing Street

Today, you will visit Shuanglin Temple, where has one of the largest collections of Buddha statues among all Buddhist temples in China. It has more than 2,500 exquisitely painted clay figurines and statues of various Buddhas.

Your next stop is the Ancient City Wall of Pingyao, which is the best preserved ancient city wall in China. During the Chinese New Year, red lanterns make the wall fantastic to look and visit.

Rishengchang Exchange Shop is your third destination. It is China's first bank. Now it is converted into a museum. It is a good opportunity to understand China's early financial management.

If you come at the right time, you could see the local New Year folk performance and parade, which is called ShehuoChinese famous Dragon Dance and Stilt Walking are performed there. It is the most interesting New Year event in Pingyao, and could be your best New Year experience.

Your last destination, the Ming and Qing Street in the Pingyao ancient city, is the essence of you Pingyao tour. This is a perfectly preserved ancient commercial street looks the same as it looked hundreds years ago, which makes it the best place to explore ancient Chinese culture. The hotels on the street offer traditional brick-oven beds; the shops sells dazzling array of traditional art wares; and the doors of shops and houses are pasted with Chinese auspicious red couplets.

Before your tour guide escort you to the train station, double check that you have packed everything, including your Chinese New Year memories.

Service ends.

Price & Included Features

Price & Included Features

As the private tour goes, the price of each person differs in the size of the group, the hotel rating and the domestic flight price. Because our tour has no fixed departure date, there are no international tickets in our quoted price. You could choose the date you arrive in China depends your need. No matter when are you arrive, we will arrange your tour flexible. So you need to get a custom price quote for this tour from travel consultants, please fill out the online inquiry form and give us detailed information you could think in your tour. Our online travel consultants will help you to design a perfect private tour for you. The travel consultants' tour planning service is totally free! All things you do is just enjoy our talented travel consultants' tailor made itinerary.

What's included ?

  • China domestic flights as specified in the itinerary
  • Accommodations: for 6 nights at 4 star hotel, in comfortable twin-bedded rooms with a private bath, air-conditioning, television, telephone and minibar.
  • 12 meals: 6 full breakfasts, 6 lunches.
  • Round-trip transfers between airports, hotels, and scenic spots in each city by private air-conditioned vehicles with experienced licensed drivers
  • A local English-speaking guide in each city
  • Entrance fees to all scenic spots listed in the itinerary
  • Luggage transfers between airports and hotels
  • China Life Tourist Accident/Casualty Insurance
  • Government taxes and service charges except tips for tour guides and drivers



Accommodation (Click this button to find more details)
Location: 19 Jianguo Men Nei Street Beijing 100005. Located along the bustling Chang'an Street of Central Beijing
Rooms: 400
Rates From:
Average Size of Standard Room:
Bed Types: 1 king or 2 queen
Check-in: after 2:00 p.m.
Checkout: before 12:00 noon
Location: No. 38 Da Xi Street, Da Tong 037004 . In the centre of Datong city.
Rooms: 200
Rates From:
Average Size of Standard Room:
Bed Types: 2 queen
Check-in: 2:00 p.m.
Checkout: 12:00 noon
Location: No.48 Kaihuasi Street, Taiyuan, Shanxi 030002.
Rooms: 260
Rates From:
Average Size of Standard Room:
Bed Types: 1 king or 2 queen
Check-in: 2:00 p.m.
Checkout: 12:00 noon
Location: 140 shun cheng Road. PingYao. Shanxi. 340 meters to the west side of the ancient city (the commercial and cultural center of the city).
Rooms: 200
Rates From:
Average Size of Standard Room:
Bed Types: 2 queen
Check-in: 2:00 p.m.
Checkout: 12:00 noon


Meals (Click this button to find more details)

If you have any specific requirements for food, for example, vegetarian, vegan or food allergies, feel free to tell us! The things you do just write down your problem on the inquiry form so that we could arrange you the special accommodations according to your situation in advance. If you are a gourmet, China Festival Tours could be your perfect culinary guide and take you to enjoy all the delicious local food and the world famous cuisine. Enjoy your tour in China Festival.

Breakfast - You will have your nutritious breakfast in the hotel you live. The hotel provides both Chinese and western dishes to meet every diner's taste. The menu include: Bacon and Sausage Sandwich, Scrambled Egg, Hot Milk, Noodles and Congee etc.

Lunch - Lunch will be served in one of the Chinese restaurant near the scenic spots. You could taste many of Chinese delicious cuisines, just like: Crispy Chicken, Mushroom Ducks, Mapo Tofu, Steamed Beef etc.

Dinner - If you want to eat the local special food for supper, our enthusiastic travel consultant will introduce a good place for you to enjoy the mouthwatering local food ahead of time, just like the Beijing Duck, Xian dumplings and the Sichuan hot pot etc. You could still let your considerate tour guide to recommend a nice place for you.

Transfer and Transport Service

Transfer and Transport Service(Click this button to find more details)

Every China Festival Tours' tours are Private Tours. Travelers will have their own personal Tour Guide and Driver. Even if a traveler is traveling alone, they will have their own personal Tour Guide and Driver. Each of our Tour Guides must meet rigorous standards and are licensed, very knowledgeable, and extremely experienced. Each of our drivers must also meet our standards and are patient and have years of experience. Each of the vehicles used by China Festival Tours is newer luxurious MPVs and each traveler's private vehicle is included in the price of their tour.

As always, the above tours can be fully customized to fit your travel plans. Discuss your trip with our experts and enjoy personalized service, and you can build your exact dream trip.

*Email response within 24 hours.
* Filling out the inquiry form is NOT a commitment to book a trip.
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