China Festival ToursYou could enjoy a pleasant Chinese New Year this winter!(February 13 - February 28 )
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Chinese New Year Tour - Modern City Tour, Shopping & Nature Tour

Trip Hightlight:

Contrast the modern, future and nature of China as you travel Hong Kong and Guilin, strolling the booming Hong Kong, cruising the beautiful Li River of Yangshuo and stepping into the traditional Chinese painting with peaceful hills and river.

  • A dizzying shopping in Hong Kong, from bargain alleys, factory outlets and malls to big brands, make your shopping experience better and more varied.
  • Cruise the beautiful Li River, step into the traditional Chinese painting with peaceful hills and river, and return to the nature.
  • What a few visitors realize is that Guilin's countryside and ethnic minority villages are simply breathtaking. Dropping a visit to Guilin during the Chinese New Year, you will experience the unique minority cultures of South China, and some of the most exotic New Year traditions.
Hongkong Guilin

If you like, you could extension this tour to Chengdu...

Chengdu, "Heavenly State" in China, gathers the essence of various nature wonders and delicious Chinese snacks. In Chengdu, you can enjoy what you want.

  • Get a close-up look into the life of endangered Giant Panda as you visit Giant Panda Breeding Research Base in Chengdu, home to babies bred in captivity, adolescent and adult pandas.
  • Enjoy the lunar New Year's exhibit of lanterns with local people of Chengdu, sitting in the tea house to have a cup of tea and absorb the special leisure atmosphere there.
  • Taste the most famous Spicy Hot Pot, which is an absolute must for any visit to Sichuan, for a full blown hot pot experience.


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