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New Year Auspicious Expressions

Let me teach you some auspicious expressions when greeting people in the Chinese New Year. Follow me!

恭喜发财  gōng xǐ fā cái  May you be prosperous in the New Year

万事如意   wàn shì rú yì  Hope everything goes well in the New Year 

心想事成   xīn xiǎng shì chéng  Hope you get everything your heart desires

吉祥如意   jí xiáng rú yì  Wishing you good luck in the New Year 

岁岁平安   suì suì píng ān Wishing you a peaceful New Year

金玉满堂   jīn yù mǎn táng Hope your house is filled with riches


  • Happy Chinese New Year

China's New Year's Festival is the most traditional and popular festival in China. Different parts of China celebrate the festival in different ways, although all have some similar features. Here, China Festival Tours provides Chinese New Year's E-cards to share the joy of the season with your family and friends.

send to your friend      send to your friend          send to your friend               send to your friend          

  • Ethnic Minority Celebrate Chinese New Year

China is home to 56 different ethnic minorities, and each of them have their own unique folk-customs. These differences are most obvious during the Chinese New Year when each ethnic minority group celebrates the New Year in their own way with their own unique traditions. Here, China Festival Tours provide several E-cards which show how the ethnic groups celebrate the spring festival. You can experience their customs and the joy of the season through these E-cards. Share these E-cards with your family and friends to share this special festival with them.

   send to you friends                      send to you friends                          send to you friends

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Spring Couplets

Chinese New Year Couplets are an indispensible part of the New Year celebrations. The red paper strips with calligraphic poems are pasted on either side of doors with a four character auspicious expression pasted on the lintel. Each couplet is made of up two lines of verse which is called the head and tail. The head and the tail each have the same number of characters on them. These lines much match each other phonologically and syntactically.

There are many different types of couplets used during the Chinese New Year. Families'couplets often express the wish for luck and prosperity, while businessmen's couplets express the wish for high earnings in the upcoming year.

Luck and Happiness               Good wishes                       Wealth for businessmen
      for the family                  for the country     

Spring Couplets

The basic components required in creating Chinese New Year's couplets are red paper, ink, and brushes.

A traditional Chinese writing brush should be used. It is held vertically and used to write the characters of the couplet.

Now, you can try to write a chinese new year spring couplets follow the teacher. 



Spring Couplets

Choose a chinese new year spring couplets as follow and try to write one!

the whole spring couplet

The follows are the meanings of the spring couplets in English:
Great luck in the New Year
good year good surroundings good fortune
more wealth more happiness more luck

the whole spring couplets

The follows are the meanings of the chinese new year spring couplet in English
Hope that your wishes come true
Heaven will bestow long life
Wishes for joy and luck

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